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6 things you can do to protect your home and assets MyrtleBeachSC News

Investing a few extra dollars can make some serious changes when it comes to your home security. Being a homeowner comes with certain responsibilities, and securing your home against external factors is certainly one of them. Although decorating your home is a game and a pleasure, setting up security systems and thinking about the guarantee of the house should find their place in the list of priorities. Therefore, we have put together a list of things you can do to protect your home and make your home a safer place.

  1. Home warranty

Let’s start at the top. Getting a home warranty is one of the first things you should do when buying a new home. Also, if you’re already a homeowner without collateral, you need to set up your plan as soon as possible. The fact is, home warranties, according to the plan, protect electrical, plumbing, and heating systems. In this line, home warranty price depend on the same factor. A good thing about these plans is that you can even create your own by removing the included items and adding the ones you want to be covered under warranty. The purpose of these is to keep you on the safe side in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

  1. Secure your front door

Your front door is your home’s first line of defense and you need to keep it as secure as possible. Most likely, you don’t want burglars to just walk through your front door, and a large number of them, even 34%, do just that. So if you are moving into a house that someone else has called before you, you need to change the door locks. This way you will avoid the scenario of strangers wandering all over your house. Also, you should inspect all other exterior doors and make sure the frames and locks are strong enough to withstand violent break-ins. Some of the things you can do to make your door more secure are installing doorbells with cameras, adding strike plates, or even upgrading your front door with smart locks.

  1. Light up your garden

Burglars, vandals and other criminals are not fans of the spotlight. They prefer darkness. So, lighting up your yard and making it bright will keep burglars away from your front door. You should place the lights in front of your front door, along driveways, near the garage, in the back yard, and in all places where potential break-ins can occur. There are a few lighting systems you can use for these purposes. Motion-activated lights are an absolute bang when it comes to sudden surprises.

  1. The garage is also part of the house

The garage is one of the most popular entry points for burglars, so make sure it’s secure. Plus, if they can’t reach your house through the garage, they have a whole bunch of cool stuff in the garage. The most important thing is to get into the habit of locking interior and exterior garage doors. If your garage door is automated, you need to keep the garage door opener in the house, so burglars can’t just snatch it from your car. Also, if you use an access code for the smart lock, you must keep it secret and never enter it in front of neighbors, delivery people or anyone else. Plus, you can upgrade your garage door by using a smart garage door opener, covering windows so your goodies aren’t exposed, and installing a driveway alarm.

  1. Secure your Wi-Fi network

Not all burglaries are physical. Your The Wi-Fi network is the gateway to all your personal and financial information, and if you use home automation, you need to make sure your Wi-Fi network is secure. Also, if your Wi-Fi is connected to gadgets or home security systems, it will give criminals a shortcut to break into your home. Some of the things you can do are secure your router, enable WPA, or just hide your network.

  1. security cameras

Finally, security cameras are one of the most popular security systems you can get to protect your home. These days, there are tiny security cameras that can catch burglars and shoot perfect footage despite their nearly invisible size. However, be careful, the cameras can be targeted by hackers. So be sure to protect them from digital attacks.

Having a nice and decorated home is not enough. You need to keep your home safe from all bad scenarios that can seriously affect your budget and your family’s safety. Therefore, the security measures mentioned earlier can help you make your home safer.